Kimie Nakajima

Kimie Nakajima

Kimie Nakajima (younger)

Name Kimie Nakajima
Kanji 中慈馬 キミエ
Romaji Nakajima Kimie
Gender Female
Age 53
Status Alive
Affiliation Nakajima clan
Relatives Sanae Nakajima (granddaughter)
Manga Chapter 8
Seiyū Kazue Komiya
Kimie Nakajima (中慈馬 キミエ Nakajima Kimie) is the head of the Nakajima clan and the grandmother of Sanae Nakajima.


Kimie is a very small woman with curly black hair. She has a stern look with sharp black eyes and a slightly puckered mouth. She has small arms and feet, and is the shortest female. Her usual outfit is a simple light colored shirt and skirt.
When Kimie was younger, she was much taller and even surpassed Unken although this may be because she was older then him by several years. She had long black hair which she tied into a single braid, and held a great resemblance to her granddaughter Sanae.