Momoko Kuzuryuu
Name Momoko Kuzuryuu
Kanji 九頭竜もも子
Romaji Kuzuryuu Momoko
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 146 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Kuzuryuu clan
Relatives Sendayuu Kuzuryuu (father)
Manga Chapter 0
Anime Episode 1
OVA Hot Spring Battle
Seiyū (Japanese dub) Yui Kano
(English dub) Candi Milo

Momoko Kuzuryuu(九頭竜もも子Kuzuryuu Momoko) is the daughter of Sendayuu Kuzuryuu and the fiance of Koushi Inuzuka. She is a powerful martial artist whose family is associated with dragons.


Momoko is a petite pale-skinned girl with short pink hair that has a single hair antenna tied above her forehead and brown eyes. She is rarely seen in anything but her usual white dress or the Fuunji High school uniform, unless it is a special occasion to which she will normally try to dress her best to impress Koushi Inuzuka. She is always barefoot, even in her school uniform.


Momoko is a hyperactive, optimistic and caring girl who is always determined to live up to people's expectations. As a martial artist, she has a strong sense of honor, always fighting fairly and making sure her opponents do the same. Momoko has a strong sense of duty as well, and is determined to bear a strong child that will be able to master the techniques of the Kuzuryuu clan and continue the bloodline.

She is infatuated with Koushi Inuzuka as she is always supporting his beliefs and ideals while usually overlooking his flaws. Although she gets ignored by him most of the time, she never loses her spirit and she is very determined to impress him. She is also a stubborn person as she refuse to listen to Yuusuke Endou's advice on leaving Koushi to go with him instead. She is a kind person who can gives encouragement and advice, as seen when she talked to Iroha Miyamoto about the true meaning of being a martial artist.


Momoko has lived with her father in the mountains for all her life, rigorously training in the Hairaichiden Musou Style in order for her to master her clan's techniques.

Once when she was a child, she encountered the Inuzuka clan. She was bullied by three older boys at the playground, until Koushi arrived and stood in front of her to protect her. She cheered him on from the side and she cried when he was being beaten up.



  • Momoko is a good cook