Sanae Nakajima
Sanae Nakajima
Name Sanae Nakajima
Kanji 中慈馬早苗
Romaji Nakajima Sanae
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 163 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Nakajima clan
Relatives Kimie Nakajima (grandmother)
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 2
OVA Hot Spring Battle
Seiyū Aya Hirano
Sanae Nakajima (中慈馬早苗Nakajima Sanae) is a friend of Koushi Inuzuka. She is the granddaughter of Kimie Nakajima.


Although it is not clear when she is wearing her school uniform, Sanae has a very voluptuous body. She has shoulder length black hair which she keeps in two braids during the day, and releases before she sleeps. She has blue eyes and wears glasses, though she may actually not need them and they could be apart of her disguise as she has been seen without them when she appears as her alter ego.

Tenchuu Senshi Uma Kamen

Sanae as she appears as Tenchuu Senshi Uma Kamen

When Sanae appears as Tenchuu Senshi Uma Kamen, (Heavenly Warrior Horse Mask) she wears a revealing outfit that shows a lot of skin at the stomach and legs. Every part of her outfit is attached to another part, with the exception of her cape, scarf, and goggles. She wears a dark blue uniform that barely covers anything but her breasts and a bit of her hips, leaving her stomach and back exposed. She wears leg stockings that are attached to the upper part of her outfit along with blue boots. Arm sleeves and gloves are also worn, along with a blue cape and red scarf. She also wears winged goggles, keeps a bridle in her mouth, and appears with horse ears as they help emphasize that she is part of the Nakajima clan. Sanae can also take off parts of her outfit while she is fighting because the less she wears, the stronger she will become although she rarely does it unless the situation is desperate.

During her battle with Tenrei, Sanae wore a slightly different outfit that was similar to her usual one. Unknown to her, it was modified and then given to her by her grandmother. As the battle progressed, pieces of her outfit fell off extremely easily, which eventually led to her reaching her full potential. After that however, Sanae never used it again, deciding that it was too embarrassing.