Shintarou Inoue
Name Shintarou Inoue
Romaji Inoue Shintarou
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Affiliation Inoue clan
Relatives Moutatsu Inoue
Manga Chapter 48
Shintarou Inoue is the heir to the Inoue clan. She is the "son" of Moutatsu Inoue.


Shintarou has short, reddish brown hair with two stray strands that hang down from beneath her ears to her shoulders. She has amber eyes, and is average in height. Shintarou's usual outfit consists of a black top, and long yellow pants and black shoes. She has a necklace and gold bands on both her upper arms and wrists. At other times, she wears the school's male uniform. When she wears male clothes, many are fooled to believe that she is a boy instead, which often leads to her becoming the crush of many girls who deem her as an attractive boy.


Due to her situation of being brought up and raised as a male, Shintarou has always been treated as a son by her father and strives to be as manly as she can be. She has made it her ultimate goal to be a real man, and looks up to people whom she deems manly, regardless of their real gender. The main purpose of her goal is to put her father at ease, and she works hard in every way she can to accomplish this. Although she can go overboard at times, she is kind to her friends and cares for them greatly, as shown when she tried to help Koushi and Tenka with their training.