Tenten Koganei
Name Tenten Koganei
Kanji 虎金井 天々
Romaji Koganei Tenten
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 165 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Koganei clan
Relatives Souten Koganei (father)

Tenga Koganei (brother)

Tenrei Koganei (brother)

Tenka Koganei (brother

Tenchi Koganei (brother)

Manga Chapter 24
Anime Episode 19
Seiyū Kaori Nazuka

Tenten Koganei (虎金井 天々 Koganei Tenten) is the eldest daughter of the five Koganei children. She is the fostered daughter of Souten Koganei and the foster sister of Tenga Koganei, Tenrei Koganei, Tenka Koganei and Tenchi Koganei.


Tenten's appearance is akin to the stereotypical Chinese silk dress. It is bright red, hugs her figure and exposes the sides and thighs of her legs. That aside she has blonde hair tied into two pigtails at either side and green eyes. Some instances show a bit of freckles on her cheeks but in others they are not present, most in her anime appearances.


When first introduced, her intense sadism were obvious and extreme. Eliminating a trusted, loving and loyal subordinate without hesitation with nothing but a sarcastic remark. During her fight with Hanzou and Inaho she humiliated them every chance that she could get first by implying that Inaho and Hanzo were "a thing" simply to provoke them and then took it back to add insult to injury by calling it a "joke" and proclaiming in front of everybody about Inaho's crush on Koushi Inuzuka.

There are subtle hints that Tenten may also suffer from paranoia and possessiveness towards her "belongings" aka the people and subordinates under her. She eliminates those who she thinks might betray her and uses mind control on the subordinates on all of the male ones to ensure total sub-servitude and obedience from them at the cost of their own internal struggles and with minimal defiance can make them attack their own former friends and superiors all while she takes complete joy out of it.

Her demeanor dates back to when she was staying with Yakuza, subtly manipulating Inaho's family subordinates into leaving her all while feigning a sisterly bond towards her only to backstab her in the most traumatic way that she could later on. She admits to have have Inaho later.

Quite literally the two-faced diva Tenten always puts up a smile in order to hide her true feelings. Her smile is simply a ruse in order to better get people to lower their guard around her, and all it really takes is a bit of politeness and brilliant acting to better associate her with a lovely, sweet girl while hiding her true devilishness. However in spite of her continued keep upon this facade she really finds it annoying that nobody can actually tell what she really feels and felt angry about it.

If anything Tenten has a sense of honor giving the protagonists the real antidote as opposed to any fake or even a more deadly poison when she could and silently walked away when her schemes fail.

Tenten has moments of shock when she cannot comprehend something that has just happened such as when Hanzo deduced her hidden anger or when Mokana intervenes in her match and defends her friend despite them being love rivals, or her subordinates suddenly crying tears of blood. Such moments show to her not know people as well as she thinks and tend to way on her to the point that on the latter occasion she complete discarded her usual composure and let loose what she really felt: an intense amount of jealousy to the point that it turned to hating them for what she did not have and thus she became envious of their relationship and genuine bond that Hanzo and Inaho felt when not only did she have no such bond but she also had a crush on Hanzo.

In the end after her manipulations failed and Iraho and Mokona were not pitted against each other Tenten reviewed herself and gave way. Imparting the antidote to Hanzo and silently leaving without saying a word.

As Hanzo is the only person who can always tell what she really feels inside Tenten developed a crush on him because of his outward and genuine kindness and because of the kindness that he showed her when he could tell that she was angry. Something that deeply touched Tenten's core and shook her usually cold demeanor. Showing that deep, deep down Tenten is something of a scared and insecure person who cannot properly express herself.


At a young age her talent and skills were enough to warrant her adoption by the Kogane family whose standards are quite high.

Tenten is an expert manipulator and actor feigning her own emotions behind a numb smile and robbing Iraho's clan of almost all of its manpower with minimal effort and only time without being suspected until it was too later.
She also appears to be a capable chemist and poison expert re-emerging an already deadly poison and making it so that not even the poison-specializing clan of the Snake could find an antidote while she could, though the time frame and limit should be taken into account. Also it was she who drugged a large amount of the manpower for her leisure and allowed complete control and subservient from former yakuza, though unable to complete rob them of their free will it is still a noteworthy achievement.
Tenten lived up to the standards, though she can prefer that others do her dirty work she is completely willing and unafraid of getting her hands dirty and completely overwhelmed Hanzo and Inaho even without the help of her subordinates. She is well immersed in both the Tiger and Snake styles of the twelve families which gives her a distinct advantage against most opponents who can barely handle one such battle aura she can project both the snake and tiger battle aura. One battle aura can cancel out another's battle aura while her second moves in for the kill. While two or more so battle auras would stop such a fate from happening no other character has demonstrated. In fact just one battle aura is enough to deeply scar a stone arena.


  • "Tenten" means "Moving about" and/or "spot".