Tenten's early life is unknown though she was likely an orphan. Her, Tenrei and Tenga were adopted into the Koganei Family because of the declining potential in some of their members.
At some point Tenten went to live with Iraho and her family. Her true reason for being their however was to steal manpower from the Snake Clan to the Tiger clan. It is unknown if this was her idea or at the behest of her clan as a whole but either way she did it. For a long while members of the clan started to disappear but mostly went unnoticed. During this tenure she and Inaho developed a siser-like bond, which was likely to further her unnoticed scam.
One day Tenten found the lost Hanzo wondering around in his casual clothing and she assumed that she was a lost guest and showed him around, while maintaining her casual facade to the yakuza. However she did no fool Hanzo who than asked if she was angry. Genually shocked, but still retaining her smile she was speechless as Hanzo was the first person to ever be able to see her true emotions. While the yakuza who crushed on her trampled Hanoz for making such a claim Tenten called them idiots in her head and developed a crush on Hanzo, unaware that Hanzo was already set to become Inaho's subordinate.
When she did find out she took it harshly. Eventually Tenten succeeded in turning all of the Snake Clan's personal but Hanzo towards her side and abandoned the snake clan to return to her own, gaining intimate knowledge of their plans, martial arts style and poison.


Koganei Estate ArcEdit

Because of the constant failures of the western families to assassinate Koushi, including the failure of Tenka, the rest of the family stepped in. Tenten concocted a deadly poison constructed from a modified variations of one of Inaho's family recipes and than scent a non-martial arts subordinate to infiltrate the abode to kill off Koushi. Her "doll" is discovered and so instead she slips Koushi the poison herself. Without an antidote the protagonists are forced to abide by the terms set by Tenten and her family to attempt to win the anitdote in a fight contest. When both Tenchi and Tenrei fail, Tenten is forced to step in to protect the third antidote part.
In order to better her chances of winning Tenten uses phycological warfare to gain the advantage by demonstrating the current condition of the former subordinates of Iraho's clan to her while she fought against Hanzo and Inaho. She also provoked Inaho and Hanzo only to rescind the joke and reveal Inaho's crush to distance Mokona and Inaho. However when Inaho was about to be killed by a finishing blow Mokona interveined and saved her revealing that she held to ill will for something like a crush.
Defeated Tenten reflects and decides to leave the antidote part behind. However the strongest of the siblings: Tenga remains.