Any relationship that Tenten may or may not have had with her birth family is currently unknown and it is likely that her adoption is because of her being an orphan.
With her adoptive family things are a bit more sound, and with a degree of loyalty as she stole manpower from Iraho's clan to strengthen her family and take part in the assassination of Koushi.
Out of all of her family members she appears to be the closest to Tenrei as they were both together when Koushi was poisoned and when watching Tenchi and Tenka fight. However she was unfazed when he was defeated as well. She also appears to respect Tenga.
The Sibling's parents/foster parents are unknown but it is assumed that she has a good relation with them.

Inaho MiyamotoEdit

To better blend in and disturb suspicion to her Tenten made friends with Inaho, playing with her and being patient with the little girl. However Tenten began to harbor feelings of resentment when she discovered that Hanzo (an object of affection) had become her subordinate.
When the two met again Inaho referred to her as "Tenten-neesan" to signify their former bond but as of know they are enemies and Inaho was almost brought to the breaking point by Tenten's physiological warfare and their vast differences in power. Her motovation for offing Tenten was that.


When they first met Tenten believed that Hanzo was a lost guest and simply showed him around, thinking that it was only a part of the act she needed to maintain around the Miyamoto abode. However Hanzo surprised Tenten when he deduced her correct feeling. Suddenly taken by surprise Tenten was either so in shock or numb to Hanzo's harrasment that he got from the Miyamoto's subordinates that she had yet to charm. None-the-less it was something that deeply effected her and she started to develop feelings for him.
When Tenten discovered that Hanzo had become Inaho's subordinate she became jealosy of Inaho and Hanzo relationship.
During their fight Tenten became obsessed with tormenting them as a way to express her pent up emotions that she held about them. Her pent up emotions became so obsessive that she took a sword and almost cut the object of her affections in a moment of fury. In the end she it was Hanzo who took her antidote part.