Unken Inuzuka
Unken Inuzuka
Name Unten Inuzuka
Kanji 犬塚雲軒
Romaji Inuzuka Unken
Gender Male
Age 45
Status Alive
Affiliation Inuzuka clan
Relatives Koushi Inuzuka (son)
Manga Chapter 0
Anime Episode 1
Seiyū Tesshō Genda
Unken Inuzuka (犬塚雲軒Inuzuka Unken) is the master of the Inuzuka clan. He is Koushi Inuzuka's father.


Unken is a large man with a muscular build. He has light brown skin and long black hair, with a small moustache and goatee. He is normally seen wearing a dark brown vest top over a white robe, and brown pants.

Unten Inuzuka (younger)

15 year old Unken

When he was younger, Unken highly resembled his son, Koushi. His hair and clothes are still the same from when he was a teenager.