Volume 1
Volume 1
volume 1
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Volume 1
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Cover Character(s) Momoko Kuzuryuu
English May 2009

ISBN (978-0-7595-3004-1)

Characters Momoko Kuzuryuu, Koushi Inuzuka, Unken Inuzuka, Tenka Koganei, Iroha Miyamoto, Hanzou, Sanae Nakajima, Sendayuu Kuzuryuu, Katsuyuki Saigou, Nittai Daigorou,
Volume 1 is the first volume of the Sumomomo Momomo manga series.


Momoko is the only child of the Kuzuryuu clan, a powerful martial arts family with inhuman strength. But strong as she is, her father fears that a woman will never be able to master the skills of the family. Unless Momoko marries and bears a capable heir, the Kuzuryuu line is doomed to weaken and die off! With this mission in mind, Momoko is sent to the rival Inuzuka clan, where she is to marry the son of their mighty leader. But Koushi Inuzuka abandoned the martial arts long ago. Now committed to his legal studies, the last thing Koushi has on his mind is marriage- especially not to the world's strongest bride!


  • Chapter 0: The Strongest Fiancee On Earth
  • Chapter 1: Burst Hot Girl Nature
  • Chapter 2: Enter The Assasin
  • Chapter 3: A Battle For Pride
  • Chapter 4: Food, Bathtub, Or Me
  • Chapter 5: Invisible Bond
  • Chapter 6: Catch Me At The Zoo