Volume 2
Volume 2
Volume 2
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Volume 2
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Cover Character(s) Momoko Kuzuryuu
English October 2009


Characters Kimie Nakajima, Hikaru Nakajima
Volume 2 is the second volume of the Sumomomo Momomo manga series.


As if being the target of Momoko’s affections isn’t bad enough, now Koushi is a target for assassination! Iroha Miyamoto is the next to make a move, determined to regain the honor of her fallen clan. But there’s more than one way to break up the union of Kuzuryuu and Inuzuka. Why kill Koushi off? Why not marry him instead?!


  • Chapter 7: My Misguided Rage For You
  • Chapter 8: An Assasination Plot Without Honor
  • Chapter 9: How Long Can The Pet Dog "Stay"?
  • Chapter 10: Martial Arts Are A Splendid Thing
  • Chapter 11: Put Your All Into Love
  • Chapter 12: A Kouhai Brings Storms
  • Chapter 13: Heavenly Warrior Horse Mask (1)
  • Chapter 14: Heavenly Warrior Horse Mask (2)